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Marie-Louise Sauerberg


I am living in Manila, Phillipines. 

I am interested in cultures, psychology, people and what is important for us to live a good and productive life.

I work with adults only. In my work, It's important for me to be helpful in your process of becoming stronger in living the life you want.

It is important for me that you and I: 

🍀 Work with issues that are meaningful to you.

🍀 Reach your goals for your personal process and growth.

🍀 Become aware of the influence your past, your emotions and behavioural patterns have over you.

🍀 Differentiate between your feelings and thoughts, and make a connection between the two.

🍀 Process unresolved emotion such as guilt, isolation, loneliness, shame or grief.

🍀 Feeling more in control of your feelings, thoughts and body.


🍀 Regaining your balance, make healthier choices and discover your inner core of being.

Feel most welcome to get in touch with me.

All my best,

Marie-Louise Sauerberg. Licensed Psychotherapist.



Ph. + 63 917 859 6451

Skype: marie-louisesauerberg.

LinkedIn: Marie-Louise Sauerberg

Instagram: sauerberg_psychotherapy

Private praxis: Online, Living in Manila, Phillipines.

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